PTSCAS Scholarships

PTSCAS offers six (6) types of scholarship programs specified below:

  1. Academic Honor Scholarships (merit-based):
    1. Entrance Scholarship.This is granted to incoming students who meet the following criteria. Scholarship coverage and requirements are also specified below.
      Coverage Qualifications Requirements
      100% of Tuition & Miscellanous Fees
      • Graduated from Senior High School with Highest Honor or High Honor Award;
      • Graduated from College with Cum Laude & above Award;
      • Proof of the Award received
      100% of Tuition
      • Graduated from Senior High School with High Honor Award;
      • Proof of the Award received
      70% of Tuition
      • PCP church member who graduated from High School or Senior High School with Honor Award or with at least 90% GPA or who earned the same GPA at the last semester of college.
      • Certification from the Presbytery
      • Form 138/TOR


    2. Academic Honor Scholarship.This is granted to top three (3) students each from graduate and undergraduate programs. Scholarship coverage are specified below.
      Rank Coverage
      Top 1 100% of Tuition & Miscellaneous Fees
      Top 2 100% of Tuition
      Top 3 70% of Tuition


  2. Need-based ScholarshipThe amount of this grant depends on the financial need of the student. The student who is struggling to pay his/her school fees can avail this grant by submiting a fully accomplished application form specifying his current financial status and estimated academic expenses in the current semester.

  3. Partner ScholarshipThis is awarded in accordance with the wishes of the donors. The donor can decide the exact amount of scholarship and the number of students. However, the selection and approval of scholarship recipients is the responsibility of the Scholarship Committee. Examples of this are UCM Missions & Benevolence Scholarship and Church Planter Scholarship (see separate guidelines).

  4. GAPCP ScholarshipPTSCAS, as the training ground for pastors and workers of GAPCP, offers special scholarship for PCP members. This will be given on first-come, first-served basis, depending on the availability of funds. The following qualifications, coverages and requirements apply:
    Qualifications Coverage Requirements
    • PCP ordained minister who has been serving in the field for at least two (2) years.
    • His immediate family. Up to two (2) children only.
    • 70% of Tuition
    • Certificate of Ordination
    • Maintaining GPA of at least 85%
    • Marriage /Birth Certificate of family member(s)
    • Endorsement Letter from the Presbytery
    • Immediate family of studying PCP ordained minister. Up to two (2) children only.
    • 100% of Tuition
    • PCP licentiates and ministerial candidates.
    • 50% of Tuition


  5. Alumni ScholarshipPTSCAS alumni who would like to further their education will be granted 50% discount on their tuition fee. Their immediate family members (up to two children only) can also avail of the same upon presentation of their marriage/birth certificate.

  6. Non-PCP Ordained Minister ScholarshipOrdained ministers from other denominations may receive 50% discount on tuition fees. To qualify, they are required to present their Ordination Certificate.


  1. Qualified bonafide students who are presently enrolled and incoming students may avail any type of scholarships that PTSCAS offers.
  2. The applicant/grantee must carry the following full academic load in the previous semester:
    1. 21 units for undergraduate program students;
    2. 15 units for graduate program students;
    3. 15 units for graduating undergraduate program students;
    4. 9 units for graduating graduate program students
  3. Only one scholarship can be enjoyed by a scholarship grantee. He/She must choose which scholarship to avail. In no case shall a student be paid the excess of the combined value of the scholarship.
  4. Scholarship applications, including renewals must be submitted not later than two weeks before each semester starts.
  5. Academic scholarship is automatically granted. There is no need for the scholar to submit an application.
  6. Holders of scholarships/grants are always expected to uphold the moral and spiritual standards of the school. As such, any grantee showing improper attitude or misconduct may suffer forfeiture of his/her eligibility for the scholarship grant.