Graduate Programs

1-year Programs: 

  • Advanced Diploma (AD) 

(All these are laddered toward a full MA or MDiv degree) 

  • Theological Studies (ADTS) 
  • Church Leadership & Ministry (ADCLM) 
  • Biblical Studies (ADBS) 
  • Inter-cultural Mission (ADICM) 
  • Counseling Ministry (ADCM) 
  • Education Ministry (ADEM) 


2-year Programs: 

  • Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) 
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) 
  • Master of Arts in Inter-cultural Studies (MAICS) 
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC) 
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) 


3-year Program: 

  • Master of Divinity (MDiv) 
    • Pastoral Studies (MDivPS)
      A degree program with a concentrated study in pastoral studies. This program is designed for students who hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and plan to enter the pastoral leadership of the Church and/or teaching ministry in a theological institution as his/her vocation. Normally, three (3) years of academic study is required to complete the program.
      (Course Sequence)

    • Biblical Studies (MDivBS)
      (Course Sequence)