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Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies

In partnership with the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST), PTS-CAS is launching the Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies (Ph.D. in ICS) program. Ph.D. in the ICS program is designed to be completed in 4 – 5 years. The goal is to provide post-graduate academic training to those called to Christian service in the local churches, academic institutions, and mission organizations. As students grow in their understanding and passion for mission, they will be fully prepared to teach, research, and equip emerging church leaders, particularly in Asian contexts. The Intercultural Studies concentration will position scholars with expertise in cross-cultural communication, and cultural and urban mission.


The Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies (Ph.D. in ICS) program is to provide academic training for the integration of research in mission and Christian service particularly aiming to equip Christian scholars who will do missions in the Philippines, Asia, and beyond. The program will implement effective methods in academic research, and consolidate observations, classification, and analysis in order to produce quality research. The program integrates debate, dialogue, and participation in international academic research in the fields of the mission.

In order to achieve our goal, we commit ourselves to the following objectives:

  • equipping students with the relevant knowledge, attitude, and skills to be effective social agents in transforming society through the gospel’s power.
  • develop a critical awareness of the ways by which research in mission and theological reflection inform and enhance the practice of doing mission
  • responding to issues identified in the field with timely, strategic, and rigorous research
  • nurturing spaces for the integration of both scholarship and practice
  • ensuring the fruit of scholarship is accessible to reflective mission practitioners


The Intercultural Studies aims to achieve the highest academic level of scholarship. Through the program, students will be guided to incorporate courses, seminars, and mentoring to attain excellence in academic research, design, and praxis. The structure of this program includes a rigorous organization and design of courses, seminars, field research, and mentoring to enable the student to prepare and submit an original doctoral dissertation.

The Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies is designed to be completed in 4-5 years to a maximum of 8 years. An extension could be granted after the review of students’ academic performance and written requests. The Ph.D. in ICS program is divided into Four Phases.

The first phase of the program may be completed in a residential study on campus, online, or hybrid. However, before starting the second semester, each student is assigned a mentor/advisor to discuss the desired specialization within the degree program. Specialization is reflected in the choices of CORE courses and ELECTIVE courses.

Second Phase of the program, courses may be completed in a residential study on campus, online, or hybrid. At the end of the second phase, students are expected to complete twelve (9) units of Research Methodology and Field Research; twenty-four (24) units of CORE courses, and twelve (12) units of ELECTIVE courses.

The third Phase of the program has two (2) parts:


Every student is required to pass two comprehensive exams: 1) Missiological knowledge and 2) in-depth knowledge from the directed study. Each student will be working individually with a mentor/advisor in preparation for the comprehensive examination. According to one’s concentration, the faculty shall prepare a comprehensive list of resources and questionnaires for the comprehensive examination. Comprehensive Examination is a PASS or FAIL.


 Each student has to present a Dissertation Proposal before a Dissertation Committee. The committee shall consist of 2-3 mission faculty professors. Upon passing, the Dissertation Committee shall recommend certifying a student as Ph.D. in ICS candidate.

The last phase of the Program is DISSERTATION WRITING AND DEFENSE.

Each student who is writing a dissertation should follow the prescribed PTS-CAS/AGTS standard of writing. A student who is writing a dissertation is expected to meet with his/her mentor/advisor regularly. The mentor shall serve as the first reader. The Mission Department shall select a second reader and third/outside reader as core members of the Dissertatin Committee. Mentor and two (2) readers are to sign the APPROVAL PAGE and countersigned by the Director of Mission Department and Academic Dean.

In collaboration with the mentor/advisor, the student shall request the Director of Mission Department for Dissertation Defense schedule at least three (3) months before the anticipated graduation. Only when the dissertation committee accepted and approved the candidate’s dissertation, is the approval page is signed and final copies submitted to the Mission Department program office, only then the committee certify the degree Ph. D. in Intercultural Studies to the candidate. The Mission Department shall then arrange a presentation of the dissertation to the public.

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