Warm greetings from PTS College & Advanced Studies!

We are delighted about the prospect of having you as one of our students. Kindly read and follow the
steps below.

Primary Requirements: Must be submitted for application to be processed

1. Fill-out this Inquiry form. We will use this to provide you with the details you need.

2. Download the designated form for the level you are applying for:

a. Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree, Certificate of Special Studies)
b. Graduate (Master’s Degree, Professional Certificate, Graduate Certificate)
c. Post Graduate (Doctor of Ministry, Master of Theology, Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies)

Note: You need a PDF Reader to use the forms above. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

3. Accomplish the forms completely. Please do not leave an item blank. If an item is not applicable to
you, just write N/A. You have two options on how to accomplish your forms:

a. Directly fill and sign the form using the Fill and Sign tool of your PDF Reader.
b. Print and write on the form, then scan.

4. Save and name your application file as: Application – LastName, FirstName. Then, send it as
attachment via email (registrar@ptscas.edu.ph) along with the following requirements:

a.Clear scanned copy of your applicable Academic Credential(s):

• If with master’s or college degree/units: Transcript of Records
• If Senior High School or High School Graduate: Form 138/Form 137

Note: You may send any available copy as initial copy for the purpose of evaluation, but you
still need to submit an original copy with the remark: “For PTS College and Advanced Studies”.
To request for this from your previous school, get a “TOR Request Letter” or Form 137 Request
Letter from our Registrar.

b. Clear scanned copy of your PSA-issued Birth Certificate (if single) or Marriage Certificate (if

c. Clear scanned copy of your Diploma/Certificate of Graduation.
Note: Please indicate this “Application – LastName, FirstName” on the subject line of your email for
proper identification.

Secondary Requirements: Must be submitted within 15 days after submission of the Primary Requirements.

1. Write an Essay that answers the questions/statements below. Make sure to follow the minimum
number of words requirement. Scan (if handwritten) or save in PDF format then send to
registrar@ptscas.edu.ph with the subject: “Application – LastName, FirstName- Essay”.

For Bachelor’s Degree Applicants: (Minimum of 300 words each)

a. Describe your dream/future plan and why studying in PTSCAS will help you fulfill it.
b. What would you like your classmates and teachers to know about you?
c. What challenges do you foresee that you will encounter during your studies? How do you plan
to overcome them?

If Theology program, add:

a. Describe your personal spiritual journey and your call to Christian service.

For Master’s Degree Applicants: (Minimum of 500 words each)

a. Describe your personal spiritual journey and your call to Christian service.
b. How does pursuing your studies fit in your current family, ministry, career goals?
c. How do you plan to contribute to the Body of Christ and society after graduation?

For Doctorate Degree Applicants: (Minimum of 700 words each)

a. Describe the highlights of your spiritual and ministry journey and how these have brought you
to where you are now.
b. How does pursuing your studies fit in your current family, ministry, career goals?
c. Describe your leadership experiences and how this program will help you lead meaningfully
and fruitfully in your current field?

2. Download and print the following forms, fill-in your information, and give/send to indicated
individuals. The following are confidential and should be sent directly by the Referrer/Recommending
Person to the Registrar when accomplished. They must bear original signatures.

a. Character Reference (1 only if Undergraduate Studies applicant)

▪ Teacher/Professor
▪ Employer/Colleague
▪ Leader/Mentor/Friend

b. If attending a Christian Church, please also submit a Church Recommendation signed by two
(2) leaders, preferably pastor and elder.

Above can be submitted in the following manner:

▪ Original copies in sealed envelope mailed to:
The Registrar
Admin Bldg. PTSCAS, Carlos Trinidad Ave.,
Salitran IV, Dasmariñas, Cavite
▪ Scanned copies emailed to registrar@ptscas.edu.ph.

3. For Graduate and Postgraduate Degree applicants only: Interview by the Admission Committee via
Google Meet/Zoom/MS Teams.