Since pastors and teachers need to fulfill the mandate of preaching God’s Word (2 Timothy 4:1-4), the Communicating God’s Word (CGW) Expository Preaching Program (EPP) has developed a Masters of Arts in Biblical Exposition academic program that is designed to train pastors and teachers whom God has called into the pastoral and teaching ministries. This program has been intentionally and strategically created in such a way as to provide preachers and teachers with the necessary abilities not only to do expository preaching and teaching but also to train and mentor others to become expository preachers and teachers who focus their ministry in the proper interpretation and communication of God’s Word.


  • Learn the Proper Exegetical Procedure for Biblical Exposition.
  • Learn the Priority and Methodology of Biblical Exposition.
  • Develop the Skills Needed to Train and Mentor other pastors and teachers in Biblical Exposition.


This program consists of fifteen online courses taught over four years. Each course spans sixteen weeks in length. Thirteen courses are equivalent to three semester credits each. One course is equivalent to one semester credit, and another is equivalent to two semester credits. The total amount for the program is forty-two semester credits.

Curriculum Program Structure

Year One – First Semester
EBS05 Foundation of Exegesis 3 credits
GFME10 Ministry Clinic I 1 credit
Year One – Second Semester
EPR05 Foundation of Preaching & Teaching 3 credits
GFME11 Ministry Clinic II 2 credits
Year Two – First Semester
EBS10 Advanced Exegesis I 3 credits
EPR10 Exposition of Epistolary Genre 3 credits
Year Two – Second Semester
EBS15 Advanced Exegesis II 3 credits
EPR20 Exposition of Narrative & Poetic Genres 3 credits
Year Three – First Semester
EBS20 Exegesis of Ephesians 1-3 3 credits
EPR40 Exposition of Prophetic Genre 3 credits
Year Three – Second Semester
EBS25 Exegesis of Ephesians 4-6 3 credits
EPR30 Methodology of Sequential Exposition 3 credits
Year Four – First Semester
EPR35 Sequential Exposition of Ephesians 3 credits
GFME15 Ministry Internship I 3 credits
Year Four – Second Semester
GFME16 Ministry Internship II 3 credits


Curriculum Program Structure Flow Chart