Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Values Education – (BSED-VE)

BSEd-VE is an undergraduate teacher education degree program designed to equip learners with adequate and relevant competencies to teach Values Education to Grades 7-12 as mandated by RA 11476 (GMRC and Values Education Act). Graduates of this program are also trained to handle Christian Education programs and ministries in churches and parachurch organizations. BSEd-VE aims to produce secondary teachers with multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills, and values that are shaped and transformed by Biblical perspectives and principles.

Course Sequence:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Code Course/Subject Unit Code Course/Subject Unit
GED01 Art Appreciation 3 GED06 Mathematics in the Modern World 3
GED02 Understanding Self 3 GED07 Science, technology and Society 3
GED03 Contemporary World 3 GED08 Christian Ethics 3
GED04 Purposive Communications 3 Gen Ed Elective 1 3
GED05 Readings in Philippine History 3 Gen Ed Elective 2 3
GED09 Life and Works of Rizal 3 Gen Ed Elective 3 3
NST01 National Service Training Program 1 3 NST02 National Service Training Program 2 3
PHE01 Physical Education 1 2 PHE02 Physical Education 2 2
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Code Course/Subject Unit Code Course/Subject Unit
PHE03 Physical Education 3 2 PHE04 Physical Education 4 2
PED01 The Child and Adolescent Learners and Learning Principles 3 PED02 The Teaching Profession 3
PED03 The Teacher and the Community, School Culture, and Organization Leadership 3 PED10 Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the Curriculum 3
PED04 Foundation of Special and Inclusive Education 3 PED08 Technology for Teaching and Learning 3
PED05 Facilitating Learner-Centred Teaching 3 PED09 The teacher and the School Curriculum 3
PED06 Assessment in Learning 1 3 PED07 Assessment in Learning 2 3
MED02 Foundations of Values Education 3 MED04 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling 3
VED01 Philippine Culture and Values System 3 CED01 Bible Survey 3
MED03 Dynamics of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relations 3 VED02 Psychological and Biblical Principles of Values Development 3
1st Semester
2nd Semester
Code Course/Subject Unit Code Course/Subject Unit
RES01 Research in Education 1 3 RES02 Research in Education 2 3
VED03 Dynamics of Life Change & Spiritual Development 3 VED07 Teaching Approaches and Strategies in Values Education 3
VED04 Contemporary Moral, Social, and Educational Issues and Concerns 3 VED08 Christian Values Integration in the Various Disciplines 3
VED05 Information Technology and Human Development 3 VED09 Community-based Values Education 3
VED06 Facilitation: Theory and Practice 3 MED05 Open and Distance Teaching and Learning 3
CED02 Contemporary Family Life & Ministry 3 CVE03 Christian & Values Education for Adults 3
CVE01 Christian & Values Education for Children 3 MED06 Career Development and Work Values 3
CVE02 Christian & Values Education for the Youth 3 VED10 Development of Christian Values Education Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Assessment Tools 3
1st Semester
2nd Semester
Code Course/Subject Unit   Code Course/Subject Unit
PED11 Field Study 1 3 PED13 Teaching Internship 6
PED12 Field Study 2 3
MCR01 Calvin Studies & Reformed Creeds 3
MCR02 Foundation of Christian Education 3
MED08 Philippine Educational Laws & System with Administration & Supervision Principles 3