Message from the President

Dr. Laurence Gatawa

Dr. Laurence Gatawa, Ph. D.

Welcome to PTS College & Advanced Studies (PTSCAS)! Since 1983, PTSCAS have been providing and serving affordable education not only to the Filipino people but to students from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

We started PTS College & Advanced Studies (PTSCAS), formerly Presbyterian Theological Seminary with Spirituality and Academic Excellence mantra. We are now on our 39th year. Our goal for each and every student is to provide spirituality and academic excellence – tools and skills needed to grow and achieve personally and professionally. We have witnessed, by experiencing, that every work done with faith and love, always taking care of the good, can result in success through God’s wisdom and help. Our academic programs are taught by world-class faculty who were educated at the best universities, who are leaders in their fields and who have numerous experiences.

Spirituality strengthens our outlook for a better future. We will always encounter challenges in life, but if we stay hopeful during these trying pandemic times and we will persevere. Spiritual growth enhances our ability to deal with life’s ups and downs and bounce back from those difficult experiences.

Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting our website. Again, welcome to our ever-growing family. I hope our website has been able to profile our institution and we hope our programs and services may be of your interest. I also encourage you to continue exploring to learn more about PTSCAS.