Message from the President

Welcome to PTS College & Advanced Studies (PTSCAS).  It is my honor and privilege to write about PTSCAS, which stands for Spirituality and Academic Excellence. We are blessed and thankful that you are visiting our website.

PTSCAS (formerly Presbyterian Theological Seminary) was founded in June 29, 1983. Our initial vision and mission was to equip men and women who are called by God into a responsible and responsive Christian ministry.   In 2010, PTSCAS underwent restructuring and expansion, adding to its focus the basic education – Nursery to Senior High School and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) courses.  This year, we opened our Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC) program.  We now have graduates serving the Lord around the world.

We are proud to be an institution with a strong Reformed tradition. As we celebrate and honor our Reformed tradition, we have grown into an inter-cultural, ecumenical family of Christian faith, learning, and scholarship that is committed to its metro-urban and global contexts.   We are an inclusive school, encouraging people of all colors, languages, men and women, and heritages towards a journey of discovery. PTSCAS is the face of the world.  It represents a mosaic of unique gifts and experiences that will make your calling, purpose, and faith glow with new hope and strength.

PTSCAS is fully recognized and accredited by the following organizations to offer several programs:  Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST), Philippine Association of Bible and Theological Schools (PABATS), Bureau of Immigration (BI), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU), and the Asia Theological Association (ATA).

Our aim is not just to prepare our students with knowledge. We want our graduates to be Spirit-filled, surrendered, and passionate children of God who have the biblical insight and practical tools to help other people discover the fullness of life in Christ.

PTSCAS is unique. We affirm both the authority of God’s Word and the necessity of holiness of heart and life. We do all these things because we believe that the greatest news in history is that God reaches out in love to everyone, everywhere.  We want to enable you to understand what God is doing in the world and see how you can participate.

It is with genuine hearts that we will welcome you to our ever-growing family, as you seek God’s will and way for your life.  Come, learn and grow with us!  You will discover, embrace, and be affirmed by a community that is inspired toward excellence in education and committed to practical and hands-on ministry. If we can be of any help as you pursue your education and calling, please let us know.  God bless you.