PhD in Intercultural Studies


The Ph.D. in ICS program is geared towards cross-cultural missionaries, pastors who are doing mission work here and abroad, and those who are preparing to be actively involved in Christian missions.


1. Application Form: A completed admission application form Church recommendation, and filled-upcharacter reference form. (Download at the bottom)

2. 3 References

    1. Mission Organization Reference
    2. Academic References
    3. Academic Requirements and Official Transcript of Records

-Submit undergraduate and graduate transcripts from accredited institutions.

-Evidence of obtaining a Master’s degree (Master of Divinity) from an accredited institution with a grade point average of 1.5 or higher (1.00 as the highest); or

-Successful completion of at least 60-semester units of graduate-level coursework of a theological study that includes 15-semester credits of missiological coursework (preferred courses – Mission Theology, Global History of Christianity & Cultural Anthropology)

4. Christian Conversion and Ministry Experience

An autobiography describing the applicant’s personal background, Christian experience, and reason for applying to this school.

5. English Proficiency Requirements (English Program) EPE Score of 500:

In order to comply with the PTS-CAS/AGST language requirement, applicants are required to take the English Proficiency Examination (EPE). An EPE score of 500 is the minimum requirement for admission to PTS-CAS/AGST’s doctoral program. TOEFL or other internationally recognized English examination passers are not required to take EPE.

Sample paper written in English (except Korean language program): For admission, submit a ten (10) -page sample essay or previous class term paper demonstrating research and writing abilities

6. Additional Requirements for International Students:

  1. Official Transcript of Records from an accredited seminary, college, or university from the country of origin. Certified copy of English translated transcript of records.
  2. Affidavit of Support.

Send your requirements to